At Sunshine Animal Hospital, we place the needs of your pets first. This means that we prioritize every aspect of a pet’s health, including their dental health. Many pet owners do not realize just how important a pet’s dental health is. Dental health impacts almost every area of a pet’s overall health, including general health, nutrition, weight, happiness, and more. At Sunshine Animal Hospital, our goal is to make sure that every pet in the Superior, CO, area has access to a veterinarian who understands the importance of dental care.

Dental Cleaning Over Time

Regular dental cleaning over time is one of the most important ways that pet owners can take care of their pet’s mouth. There are numerous ways that pet owners can help make sure their pet’s mouths stay clean. First, there are foods, treats, and bones that have been designed to knock food debris off of the teeth when chewed. These tools can help reduce the amount of plaque and tartar that builds up, on the surfaces of an animal’s teeth. Regularly brushing your pet’s teeth at home can also be very beneficial, if you have questions about how to introduce your pet to tooth brushing please reach out to us for tips and tricks.

At the same time, it is still important for pet owners to make sure they take their animals to the vet for regular cleanings. In many cases, the vet will do a cleaning under anesthesia. This is done to make sure the pets remain still and comfortable during the visit. This visit is necessary because there is still some plaque and tartar that cannot be removed unless someone goes to visit the vet. Trust a trained vet dentist to take care of a pet’s teeth.

Trust Our Team from Sunshine Animal Hospital

At Sunshine Animal Hospital, we are led by Dr. Kristy Kreutzer. She has a vast amount of experience tackling a wide range of pet health issues, including dental care. We would be honored to take care of your pet’s health needs. To learn more about how we can help you, please call us today to make an appointment. Give us a call at 303-499-0199 to learn more or schedule an appointment.