Elderly pet care requires specialized medical treatment at times. However, some issues impacting your senior pets may not be an issue for all breeds and all ages. Speaking to the professionals at Sunshine Animal Hospital in Superior, CO, about how to provide the best care possible for your older pet can set both you and your senior pet up for success.

How to Care for an Older Pet

Taking good care of a senior pet will mean establishing a relationship with a reputable veterinarian in your local area, such as Louisville, Colorado. Look for specialists in elderly Pet care with a focus on senior pets. Additionally, seek out a caring and compassionate veterinarian like Dr. Kristy Kreutzer, who cares as much for her patients as their owners do.

Training a Senior

Caring for senior dogs requires more attention than caring for a new puppy. Forget the adage “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks,” and instead focus on positive reinforcement and reward system to train older canines and teach basic obedience. Also consider the history of your pet when adopting from a rescue or shelter. There could be behavioral issues that impact training results.

Senior Pet Issues

Some of the medical issues afflicting senior pets include infection, arthritis, dental issues, and chronic pain. Don’t forget to treat for heartworm through preventative medications and routine veterinary visits. Older pets often lack the hardiness they had in their youth.

Do You Have a Senior Pet? Call Us Today for Elderly Pet Care!

Taking good care of your elderly pets can be easy. Call or contact us at Sunshine Animal Hospital in Superior, CO, to schedule an appointment. Older pets require expertise and compassion when it comes to veterinary care and treatment. We provide that.