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Pet Eye Infections

Pet eye infections can happen quite suddenly, leaving pet owners wondering what treatment options are available for their pets. If you believe your cat or dog has an eye infection, contact Sunshine Animal Hospital in Broomfield, CO, to meet with our Veterinarian, Dr. Kristy Kreutzer. We provide services to those in the Superior and Louisville areas. [...]

Heartworm Medication: Injectable vs Oral

Odds are you've heard of heartworm disease, especially if you live with a dog. If heartworms find their way into your dog's bloodstream, and ultimately his heart, they can take up residency there, as well as in the pulmonary artery and other large arteries for up to five years. During this time, female heartworms, measuring [...]

How to keep dog teeth healthy

Taking care of your dog's teeth is one of the best things you can do for the overall health of your pet. This is especially true as the pet gets older and may develop dental problems. At Sunshine Animal Hospital in Superior, CO, we are here to help you take care of your dog's teeth [...]

Is Surgery the Best Option for My Pet?

No one wants to have to watch their pet go into surgery. It's emotionally difficult and a tough decision to make. At Sunshine Animal Hospital, we understand this and want to help you with making the best decision for your pets. We hope that this brief article will help to enable you to make the [...]

How to Care for an Older Pet

Elderly pet care requires specialized medical treatment at times. However, some issues impacting your senior pets may not be an issue for all breeds and all ages. Speaking to the professionals at Sunshine Animal Hospital in Superior, CO, about how to provide the best care possible for your older pet can set both you and [...]

Importance of wellness care

At Sunshine Animal Hospital in Superior, CO we offer wellness care services for both dogs and cats. We have vaccinations, heartworm checks, dental cleaning, physical exams, parasite treatment, ear infection treatment, nutrition and diet programs, blood work service, and we provide treatment for chronic illness. Our veterinarian provides preventive care to ensure that your pet [...]

Dental Cleaning Over Time

At Sunshine Animal Hospital, we place the needs of your pets first. This means that we prioritize every aspect of a pet's health, including their dental health. Many pet owners do not realize just how important a pet's dental health is. Dental health impacts almost every area of a pet's overall health, including general health, [...]

Indoor Only Cats and Vaccines

Many indoor only cats go years or their entire life without vaccinations. If you are an owner of one or more indoor only cats and they are out of date on their vaccines, we understand your reluctance in keeping their vaccines up to date. However, the risk of exposure to disease could be higher than [...]

Chocolate Toxicity In Dogs

With the arrival of Halloween, most households around America will have bountiful supplies of chocolate. Unfortunately, given the opportunity, many of our furry companions will indulge themselves on chocolate. Although dogs are more likely to ingest chocolate, it can also happen to cats. To prepare you for if or when this may happen, lets cover [...]

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